From Suits To Boots,
Working Together to
Develop Great Communities

Armland Group is dedicated to creating high quality sustainable communities. All projects are completed to the highest standards as Armland Group engages the best and brightest professionals and trades to ensure outstanding results from start to finish.






Step 1: Acquisition

  • Land Sourcing
  • Due Diligence Process (Includes environmental, planning policy framework, and legal matters.)
  • Prepare Development Feasibility Analysis
  • Prepare and Administer Budgets

Step 2: Entitlement and Project Management

Project Management
  • Planning Approvals (Including official plan, block plans, zoning, subdivision and site plan)
  • Engineering Approvals (Region, City, and Provincial)
  • Infrastructure Delivery (grading, earthworks, services and utilities installation, road construction, storm water management ponds)
  • Subdivision Registration
  • Land Owner Group Participation and Management
  • Cost Sharing Management
  • Securities Management
Entitlement and Project Management

Step 3: Finishing Touches
and Completion

  • Top Works (Includes curbs, sidewalks, and asphalt)
  • Landscaping and Street Trees
  • Parks Development
  • Environmental Enhancement (Restitution Planting and Woodlot Management)
  • Assumption
Finishing Touches and Completion